MACO Construction, Inc. was established in 1963 by L.W. (Lew) Maddox for the sole purpose of building FmHA-financed, senior citizen homes.  Lew guided the young company through its formative years, setting a precedent for the marriage of public and private resources, to construct quality, affordable housing for those populations most in need. His son, James K. (Ken) Maddox came to the company in 1975 and was quickly promoted to Vice President.  It was under his guidance that MACO expanded into the multi-family arena, thriving under the FmHA 515 multi-family umbrella, a program designed to promote clean and safe housing for the lower-income, rural populations.  The success and fast growth rate of the construction company prompted the formation of its sister management company in 1977, to allow for the affiliate ownership and efficient management of many of the developments constructed.  Ken was promoted to President in the fall of 1988.  In 2006, Jason Maddox, who had formerly overseen the management company, joined MACO’s development staff as manager.  As a key contributor to the site selection and application process, he also became vital to construction activities and was appointed President in July of 2014, while Ken Maddox relinquished his position as officer, in order to devote more time to affiliate activities.  It is the current president’s extensive experience in property management, coupled with his development background that helps to ensure MACO Construction’s success in the niche it has found.  The first-hand knowledge of the long-term ramifications to the viability of a property, in both physical and financial aspects, for decisions made in the allocation of resources during the development and construction phase of those units, allows MACO to effectively produce the best possible housing community for the dollars invested, no matter the client, funding agency or ownership.

MACO currently holds a contracting license or is in compliance with applicable licensing regulations in Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  MACO has the experience and reputation to successfully attract the business of a wide variety of trade subcontractors.  In fact, it is the centralization of our company and the utilization of local tradesmen operating under experienced job superintendents that allows us to be flexible and timely.  These job superintendents and MACO’s accounting staff have years of experience with reporting regulations such as Section 3 and Davis Bacon and maintain an ever-expanding database of contractors, including those who are certified as minority or women-owned, to assist in achieving program goals.  MACO has successfully worked within the framework of guidelines established by Section 42 & the low income housing tax credit, state-administered HOME programs, HUD-insured mortgages, USDA-Rural Development loans or insurances, Federal Home Loan Bank, CDBG monies, and more.  MACO has never failed to complete a contract within the time lines set forth by the Internal Revenue code or State Housing Agency.

Since its inception, MACO Construction, Inc. has served as general contractor for over 200 multi-family developments, including historical development, renovations, and new construction, spanning ten states.  These activities have also been supplemented by lesser roles as a subcontractor for other multi-family builders in the industry and an occasional commercial venture.  Currently, the bulk of MACO’s workload consists of renovation construction contracts, where tenants are temporarily relocated and units demoed to the drywall to allow complete restoration, from the flooring to the roofs, thereby preserving the complex within the affordable housing program and extending the useful life, energy efficiency and general curb appeal of it as well.