Job Opportunity: On-Site Job Super for Multifamily Construction

Job Opportunity: On-Site Job Super for Multifamily Construction

We are looking for a deadline-driven construction superintendent to oversee the build of a new, multifamily construction project.  The individual hired will act as the link between various project parties, lead and manage the on-site construction team and oversee all work on site. Candidates will be strong leaders, pro-active, and perform well under pressure.

Construction Superintendent Responsibilities:

  • Leading and managing the on-site construction team
  • Coordinating and overseeing all work on site
  • Reviewing and becoming familiar with the schedule and budget, and ensuring adherence to these
  • Ensuring quality standards are met
  • Placing orders for and maintaining security of equipment and materials on site
  • Following the project timeline to ensure deadlines are met
  • Monitoring and ensuring on-site safety compliance, cleanliness, and orderliness
  • Maintaining records for site personnel such as daily field reports, field orders, daily activity logs and RFIs
  • Liaising with inspection authorities regarding approvals

Construction Superintendent Requirements:

  • 5+ years experience as a construction superintendent
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Proficient with taking and uploading digital photographs
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds and to operate heavy equipment
  • Ability to interpret and build according to drawings, specifications, and other documents.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills

For more information please contact:

Jeremy Maddox 573-391-0926 or Krystal Myers 573-837-1402